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I am looking for a Lattice crane?

So here is the situation, I am currently attending college and our newest project has us basically running an entire box culvert installation job. I need a good lattice crane, preferably a nice link-belt, that can handle 65tons out to a distance of 48'. The culvert is going to be 45' wide, divided up into three separate sections. A total of 30, 65 ton concrete pieces will be put into place. 10 culverts long by 3 wide. I am looking at a 248 hydro5 from linkbelt, that can handle 200 tons, but im not sure how much it can handle at 48'. Any help?!?!

I would contact Link Belt and ask them.
The lift capacity will be different, depending on where the lift is made.
Over the front of the crane.
Over the rear of the crane.
Over the side of the crane.

I looked on Google and could not find a home page for Link Belt.

Here are the searches I did.

[link belt cranes load charts]

From the above search;
Crane Charts Download - Bigge Crane & Rigging Co.The largest online library of crane load charts! Load charts for all crane makes and models. Terex, Manitowoc, Liebherr, Grove, Link-Belt, Demag, American, ...

From that website, a Link Belt crane.
Link-Belt model HC268, 250 ton capacity. Load chart that did not make much sense to me;

I think contacting Link belt is your only answer unless the 247 hydro 5 is available for you to look at.
All cranes have a load chart in the cab, showing the lift capacity at various boom angles, boom lengths, etc


Edit: Not happy with my answer.
New search for
[link belt cranes website]

Link-Belt Cranes product home pageCopyright 2008 Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company, Lexington, Kentucky Best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Adobe Acrobat Reader. - Cached - Similar

To: H5 HSL Lattice crawlers 50 to 550 tons

Link-Belt Construction Equipment crane parts & service
Link-Belt Preferred gives Link-Belt crane owners instant access to vital information via the web. All technical publications, including parts pages, ...

Finally found a contact link:

You can email Link Belt there.


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